Height Bars

With highly visible reflective tape and clearly displayed ‘low clearance’ height warnings, Height Bars will deter oversized vehicles entering areas not designed to accommodate them. Exposed assets can be protected, and costly structural damage can be avoided with this simple, yet affective, solution. Suspend from existing ceilings or alternatively choose a surface mount, below ground, or post mount option.

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Why Do I Need A Height Bar In My Car Park?

Height bars are hanging bars that prevent vehicles from entering or exiting a driveway or parking lot without an adequate amount of clearance. They are a visual deterrent as well as being a physical indicator, if hit, that your vehicle will not be able to drive in or through the designated area. A sign should be installed near any height bar clearly telling drivers how much clearance is needed to safely enter/exit.

What Height Should A Low Clearance Bar Be?

Prior to installation measure from ground level to the height you need the height bar to be placed in. The most important thing to remember when measuring from ground level is that it must be accurate, as even a few centimetres of variance can be detrimental to the operational success of the hanging bar.

The other most important factor to consider is what the lowest point of your ceiling or overhead obstruction is. This measurement is what the entrance to the area, and the height bar clearance, should be installed at. The low clearance height must be displayed on the height bar.

What Colour Should A Maximum Clearance Height Bar be?

Generally, a maximum clearance or low clearance height bar will be safety yellow with red/white striped reflective tape. The wording of ‘maximum clearance’ or ‘low clearance’ will be written in black bold text in the middle of the bar with the height limit clearly stated next to the text.

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