About Us

Welcome to TSS. We are one of Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable independent safety suppliers. Our focus is on vehicle and pedestrian safety and the unique challenges that come from the interaction of people and vehicles across our society.

We have deep experience in the safety industry, and have served thousands of customers across Australia in a variety of industries and use-cases, including retail stores, shopping centres and malls, big box stores, property management, and government. We aim to supply products that meet Australian standards, backed up by fast shipping and delivery times.

TSS was founded on the core values of providing our customers with knowledgeable service and a broad range of quality products at competitive prices. We are proudly Australian owned and operated, and continue to be dedicated to providing our customers with the outstanding service that they have come to expect from TSS.

If you have a challenging vehicle and pedestrian problem or have any questions about us or our products, please contact our Australian-based support team directly at [email protected] or on 1300 807 525.

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