Kerb Ramps

Kerb ramps (curb ramps) are typically metal, plastic or rubber ramps that are designed to provide easy access over a kerb. They can improve access for vehicles, pedestrians or people in wheelchairs and are often used in temporary or permanent installations. We stock kerb ramps, driveway ramps and gutter ramps in a range of materials including recycled rubber, strong plastic and durable steel. Our kerb ramps are suitable for a wide range of uses including vehicle (for example, driveway infills to eliminate car scrapes), trolley, wheelchair and pedestrian access and are also often used as pet ramps for a beloved dog. We deliver our quality kerb ramps Australia-wide with low freight costs and can supply ramps in bulk quantities for business orders.

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Which Driveway Ramp Should I Choose?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a kerb or driveway ramp including the height of the kerb, the weight and size of the vehicle, the gradient of the ramp and the surface of the ramp. The height of the kerb is the most important factor to consider as the ramp must be high enough to clear the kerb without scraping. The weight and size of the vehicle must also be considered as a heavier or larger vehicle will need a steeper ramp. The gradient of the ramp is also important as a ramp with a too steep gradient may be difficult to drive up and a ramp with a too shallow gradient may be too gradual to be effective. Finally, the surface of the ramp should be factored into your decision as a ramp with a slippery surface may be difficult to drive up and a ramp with a rough surface may damage the vehicle.

Kerb Ramps To Assist With Wheelchair Access

A Kerb or driveway ramp is a sloped surface that is installed over a kerb to assist wheelchair users and people pushing prams or trolleys to cross the kerb. Kerb ramps can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary rubber or heavy-duty plastic kerb ramps are often used at events or construction sites while permanent kerb ramps are typically installed as part of a building’s accessible entry. Kerb ramps can make it easier for people with a disability to access shops, businesses and other public places. They can also improve safety for all pedestrians by providing a safe and level crossing point over the kerb.

Kerb Ramps For Vehicles

Kerb ramps are designed to act as a driveway ramp and assist vehicles in transitioning from one level to another such as from a pavement to a street. They are often used in conjunction with wheelchair ramps to provide accessibility for all users. A driveway ramp can be made from a variety of materials such as concrete, asphalt or even plastic. They are typically used for low-speed vehicles such as cars, bicycles and motorcycles. A driveway ramp can also be used in tandem with caravans, trailers, boats and Jet Skis.

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