Wheel Chocks

Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials such as rubber, urethane, and plastic. Wheel Chocks are designed to stop cars, boats, caravans, trucks, trailers, and even small planes, moving whilst not in use. Wheel Chocks are an ideal match when used with caravan levelling ramps.

A general guide to purchasing the correct size is a wheel chock should be 25% of the height of the wheel and fit snugly against the tyre. Use two Wheel Chocks if parked on a slight gradient.

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Do Wheel Chocks Come In Pairs?

Wheel chocks are generally sold as individual units. This allows exact numbers of wheel chocks required, at times in varying sizes, to be purchased. When using wheel chocks on a gradient ground level it is recommended to use a minimum of 2 x wheel chocks for extra security. Wheel chocks can be secured together as a pair, with rope or cable, if the user wishes.

How Do You Size A Wheel Chock?

The easiest ‘rule of thumb’ calculation is your wheel chock should be a minimum ¼ of the height of your wheel. E.g., if your wheel is 600mm high the suitable chock size would be no less than 150mm. Other things to consider would be the surface you will be using the wheel chock on. Using a wheel chock on softer surfaces, such as grassed areas, is not recommended but, if unavoidable, a heavy-duty quality wheel chock should be used to avoid slipping.

Do Wheel Chocks Actually Work?

A wheel chock provides extra assurance, alongside an activated parking brake, that a vehicle will stay safely in place while being worked on or parked on a slight gradient. A wheel chock, placed snugly against the tyre, will brace the wheel against unnecessary movement and help avoid the dangerous situation of a vehicle rolling. Choose a high-quality chock that is at a minimum 25% the height of your wheel height and fits securely against the tyre.

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