Industrial Gates

Every warehouse, factory, distribution centre and logistics depot will require some type of Industrial gate to protect workers from hazardous areas or situations. Gates can be standalone units or complimented by our range of railing systems. There are a variety of styles to choose from including Swing Gates, Boom Gates, Telescopic Gates, Loading Dock, and Roll Over Gates.

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Why do I Need A Mezzanine Gate?

A mezzanine gate is a type of gate that is commonly used in pallet packing operations. This gate is designed to allow pallets to be loaded onto the mezzanine level without having to be lifted over the top of the gate. This can save a significant amount of time and effort when compared to traditional methods of loading pallets.
A mezzanine loading gate is a great way to ensure the safety of your workers when they are using a pallet packing system. By having mezzanine gate systems in place, you can be sure that your workers will not be able to fall off the mezzanine while they are working. This will help to keep your workers safe and will also help to prevent any accidents from happening.

Restricted Space Industrial Safety Gate Options.

The telescopic light boom gate retracts into itself to ensure that a low-level roof does not restrict its operation. It extends from 2.3m, at its fully retracted length, to a generous 3.8m when in full use in a horizontal position. The TBG3800 telescopic boom gate can be locked into a set position in line with the ceiling height level. This strut assisted gate is designed for not only restricted overhead applications but spaces where an industrial swing gate or manual boom gate will not fit.

Why Should I Install A Loading Dock Gate?

Any business or industry that uses loading docks for unloading and loading good into trucks and van should absolutely have loading dock safety gates in place. Loading dock gates come in a range of styles but all offer security against falls and trips off edges of loading and cargo docks. Loading dock gates can assist with blocking off areas being used for loadings good, can stop workers tripping or falling off loading areas and can be used to safely unload pallets on warehouse mezzanine levels.

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