Utility Carts

Sturdy, easy to assemble and easy to clean, a utility cart serves as a multi-functional mobile workstation. Utility cart products are traditionally used in the industrial settings of warehousing, factories and cleaning companies to store and transport tools, fixings and cleaning equipment. However, the applications of utility cart products extend far beyond this to inventive uses in garages, garden sheds and kitchens as portable planting stations or tool/utensil storage. The options are endless!

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General Uses For Plastic Carts With Wheels

Plastic carts are often referred to as Utility Carts or Utility Trolleys. There are many variations with 2-, 3- or 4-tiered level trays, both with and without handles. All will have wheels or castors but not all will be swivel or lockable wheels. The applications for a plastic utility cart are endless! Industrial utility carts are used in factories and warehouse to move goods or equipment. Approved food safe carts are utilised in commercial kitchens or restaurants. Others can simply be used for everyday jobs around the house such as potting plants, storing arts and crafts or mobile shelving in your garage.

Industrial Portable Trolley Carts For Warehouses And Factories

Industrial utility carts are durable and tough but lightweight enough to easily manoeuvre around the many obstacles on the factory floor. They are designed to assist with moving goods or equipment from one area to another, often with adjustable handles to make them ergonomically sound. Portable utility trolley carts are very inexpensive compared to other types on wheels like hand trucks and dollies.

How To Select A Suitable Utility Cart or Trolley For Your Workplace

The main things to consider when selecting a portable cart for your business or workplace are:

  • What type of goods or equipment will be transported?
  • Are they heavy items?
  • How much weight can each cart hold without becoming unstable?
  • Will you be using one person or several people to move materials around?
  • Do you have storage space available for your carts when not in use?
  • What types of floors will these carts be used on? Smooth surfaces or will they be navigating rough terrain?
  • Which model do employees prefer over others because of comfort, ease-of-use, durability etc.?
  • Does your workplace require certain sizes/models of carts due to tight spaces or other factors that could limit options?

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