An alternative to singular standalone bollards, U-Bars provide extra coverage in many different applications. Asset protection, pedestrian barriers, traffic management in factories, warehouses, and distribution centres. Single or double rail, surface mount or below ground installation, galvanised or powder coated are variations to suit all requirements.

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What Is A U-Bar Bollard Used For?

A U-Bar bollard is used to protect property and pedestrians from vehicular traffic. It is most commonly used in parking lots and other areas where vehicles are present. The U-Bar bollard is placed in the ground and is anchored to a concrete or asphalt surface. The bollard is made of steel and is designed to withstand impact from a vehicle.

Site Perimeter And Industrial Workplace Asset Protection Bollards

U Shaped Bollards are designed to protect the perimeters of areas exposed to low- and high-level traffic and vehicle impacts. Suitable for both internal and external environments, bollard hoops can be installed across various locations throughout factories, warehouses, car parks, car yards, and distribution depots. The bollards are made of high-quality steel that can withstand high impact forces, making them ideal for protecting against wayward vehicles.

Double U-Bar Pedestrian Handrail

The U-Bar Double Rail pedestrian barrier is a great way to keep pedestrians and employees safe. The barrier is a hooped u-shaped bollard with a rail in the middle from one side of the hoop to the other. This acts as a hand and knee rail barrier for walkways or zoned areas. For increased visibility Double Rail U-Bars are available in powder coated safety yellow.

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