Pilot Telescopic Multi Post

Whatever you want it to be! The telescopic post is mounted to a mobile 20kg cast iron base that can extend 700mm from 1300mm to 2000mm or be locked anywhere between. Compatible with all Pilot accessories, Multi-Post can be configured in numerous ways using the included accessory mountings.

In outdoor or windy conditions the stability of Multi-Post can be increased through the addition of optional 10kg base weights Up to two base weights at 10kgs each can be added bringing the total weight of the Multi-Post base to 40kgs. The weights can be added or removed at anytime without the need for tools.


$497.20 inc. GST

In stock

$170.50 inc. GST

In stock



What’s included with your Multi-Post purchase:

  • 20kg base with ball-bearing polyurethane wheels
  • Telescopic post – 1300 to 2000mm
  • Mid-level accessory mounting adaptor
  • Telescopic post locking clamp
  • Aluminium double sided sign brackets (2)
  • Post top accessory mounting adaptor
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